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Credit Goes To HR To End Your Week Sweaty

Yeap, the best way to end the week is to turn sweaty. Your HR planned in advance and makes sure you come down with the correct attire for “the occasion” so you are not left out. Making you work hard, claiming you can burn fat, perpsire out the tocix, and have a good rest over […]

Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast With Julia

In this episode of the Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast, Julia talks with Joanna Leng. Joanna is a single mum, a financial adviser, the author of an upcoming book on financial empowerment for single mums, and founder of A Story for Her. We discuss her story of becoming a single mum, the stigma of being a single mum […]

You’ve Barely Started Saving for Retirement: Now What?

It’s tax season — and while some of you may be internally cringing at the mention — it’s the perfect time to stash a bit more into your retirement account. You can make contributions to your 2016 IRA account until the tax deadline of April 18 — and often those contributions are tax-deductible. Women now live longer than […]

Studies Show Women & Singles Are Short Retirement Funds. Here’s How to Catch Up

A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute revealed that women and singles of both genders face challenges when it comes to saving for retirement. They also tend to be less prepared than others. Perhaps even more concerning, many single men and women now on the brink of retirement (age 56 to 61) have failed […]

The Scoop on A Story For Her by Joanna Leng

An interview on Sara Scoop on my personal project A Story For Her and my upcoming book Financial Empowerment for Single Mothers.           Actual story inside.

Living a dream

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Step Up

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